• Manifesting a Meaningful Life- The New Culture


    January 2018

    The conversation that changes everything.

    6 quantum days in the flesh.

    A gathering of powerful and sensual diversity...

    WOMEN who intuitively know and recognize the importance of

    RECLAIMING and continuing to claim

    'the Signal' of the powerful Alchemists, Witches, Thought leaders,

    Change makers, Space Holders and Renaissance women

    we are in our own lives, creating an even deeper and expansive

    connection to our own CORE, to others and to this incredible planet we call Home!


    We come together with an understanding, awareness and lived experience

    of who we have been and the core patterns and belief systems

    that have influenced and shaped our limitations.

    We will discover what it is to live without the limitations of history and

    habit, space/time and the fear of our own magnificence.

    We have each owned our old story and are now choosing to LIVE our our new one from breath to breath.


    We are ready...

    To dive deeply and freely into the NOW and to put

    FULL, undistracted intention into our untamed BECOMING,

    knowing that where intention goes, energy flows.


    Listen to your Soul.

    If it is a YES connect with us.

    The 6-day ‘Manifesting a Meaningful Life’ experience is THE conversation that lights me up! Big! Bold! Boundless and formless! Edgy, provocative, compelling… not because it’s a pathway but because it’s the unsettled, feral essence of our potential being. It is not that we move through those conversations, it is more that we trek… and climb the rock faces that beckon… and make our way through the underwater caves, in the dark… with nothing but our inner truth to lead the way. For me, it has become a living expression of The Great Adventure that my life is! My life is destined to have so many more, of these!

    In my experience of it, density and intensity are essential to accelerating manifestation. To be able to hold focus without distraction; to be able to coalesce all of the living force that I AM to flow through the energetic framework of the intention held by my body (not my intellect) – by the device that is directly connected to the Signal of Self – is what it takes.
    Louise LeBrun


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